The Israel Studies Program is an educational department of the Pentecostals of Cooper City and the South Florida Bible Institute.  

We believe it is important to stand in solidarity with the nation of Israel. But to stand with Israel is more than a heartfelt feeling, it requires a collective, educated and informed voice prepared to pray and advocate effectively.  

Therefore, we are developing an on-line program that offers a wide range of classes centered around both the history, theology, anti-Semitism and future of national Israel, as well as the Jewish roots of the Christian Faith. 

One’s quest to know the Jewish and Israeli culture, as well as its biblical and historical roots, would be in vain if there wasn’t an opportunity to become a viable spokesperson on behalf of Israel.  And for that reason, we are also aligning ourselves with organizations that stand with Israel, giving your an opportunity to be informed and part of grassroots for Israel in America.

KimHadassahJohnsonKim Johnson is the director of the Jewish-Christian Studies Department.  She possesses a deep passion to “bridge the gap” between Judaism and Christianity and US-Israel Relations.  She has taught Biblical Hebrew and Israeli Studies for twenty-five years.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida Atlantic University with a BA in Jewish Studies and BA in history, with an emphasis in Holocaust and Jihad studies.  She recently completed her MS degree in National Security Studies at Haifa University, Israel.  

To your destiny,

Kim Johnson