Rallies are taking place throughout America and the World against the recently agreed upon Nuclear Deal.  Below is a brief overview of why this is a bad deal.  In addition to checking out where the nearest Rally is, make sure to call the Whitehouse and ask to speak with your congress representative and senators.  

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Vote Against the Iran Nuclear Deal


It is imperative for Christians to contact their call the Whitehouse Immediately at (202) 224-3121. Ask for your congressional representative and tell them to Vote NO for the Iranian Nuclear Deal.


Background: The historic nuclear deal arguably boasts the same deceptive depth as Haman’s deal with the king to destroy the Jews 2500 years ago. The hatred demonstrated by the Ayatollah Kohmeini towards America and Israel makes Haman’s agenda look like paddy cake. And it’s important to note that G-D did not want the Jews destroyed.

Over the course of two years the P5+1 have been in intensive negotiations with Iran over its illegal nuclear program. As of last week an agreement has been made.

Unfortunately, to the chagrin of both Israelis and Americans these negotiations have led to numerous abandonments of stated goals and red lines culminating in unprecedented concessions for America and acceptance of Iranian demands.

This is not a bipartisan issue it is an American and Israel issue:


Here are several points of the nuclear deal:

  • Four American’s being held hostage will remain hostages
  • The deal leaves Iran’s nuclear weapon development infrastructure ENTIRELY INTACT.
  • Affords early sanction relief of frozen assets including an immediate infusion of 150 Billion dollar upon signing.
  • It enlists the “international community” in expanding and protecting Iran’s nuclear capabilities.
  • It gives Iran the financial backing it needs to add weapons to Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Queda, and even ISIS.
  • It also gives Iran the resources to supply its partners closest to the U.S., Venezuela and Cuba with uranium and nuclear centrifuges that will be targeted toward the United States.


Not to mention this deal was signed while Iranians were shouting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”


We only have sixty days to let our voices be heard before our congressman and senators. If not stopped, the deal will be signed, barbaric terrorism will erupt in Israel and America and the clock will begin towards a nuclear Holocaust.


Call (202) 224-3121 Now!

Ask your congressional and Senate representative to

Vote NO for the Iranian Nuclear Deal.